How to Sniff HTTP Packets in the Network using Scapy in Python. Sniffing and printing HTTP packet information, such as the url and raw data ( passwords, search queries, etc. ) in case the method is POST. Visit →.. "/>

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is used to send packets at the 3rd protocol layer, whereas Sendp() is used to send packets at the 2nd protocol layer. The difference is very important as some packets, such as ICMP are specific to certain layers, and it is up to us to know which packets can be used at which layer. 1.3 Scapy also has an array of commands for sending and receiving. What more, scapy provides a wide range of features that help you filter and decode packets. You can write your own code that will sniff exactly what you need. Below you can find a minimal example you can run on your computer. Example packet sniffer in Python. This example script ( will print out a summary of each captured packet.

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